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About Xinyv


• Aug., 1998: Answered the call of the Party Committee of Zhongyuan Oilfield for restructuring from an enterprise owned by the whole people to a private one, renamed as Puyang Xinyu Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. , and obtained the certification of ISO9001;
• 1999: Applied to the State Trade and Industry Bureau for the trademark of “Petromen ";
• 2000: Witnessed the acquisition of No.1 Zhongyuan Oilfield Machinery Factory, and moved the Company from the General Zhongyuan Oilfield Factory to Changqing Rd.;
• 2001: Renamed the Company “Puyang Xinyu Petroleum Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. ";
• 2002: Declared more than 10 patents with the State Patent Office, which had all been authorized and thus laid a solid foundation for the future products-based development;
• 2003: Established a 230-acre modern industrial park in Shengnan Industrial Park and won such awards as Henan High-Quality Products, Henan Hi-Tech Enterprise, Henan Hi-Tech Private Enterprise, etc.;
• 2004: Put Shengnan Industrial Park to full production and awarded as Outstanding Enterprise of Puyang City;
• 2005: The trademark of "Petromen" as well as the products were awarded as a Celebrated Brand of Henan Province, and Celebrated Products of Henan Province respectively.
• 2006: Awarded as Hi-Tech Enterprise of Henan Province and Integral Enterprise of Henan Province, and obtained the certification of the quality system, the occupational health and safety management system and the environmental management system;
• 2007: Awarded as Henan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and patented “W-type traction oil pumping units”with an integrated energy-saving rate of 35%;
• 2008: The trademark of "Petromen" was awarded as Celebrated Brand of Henan Province for a second time, and the Company won the prize for SME Base of Henan Province;
• 2009: Awarded as National Hi-Tech Enterprise and IPR Advantageous Enterprise of Henan Province;
• 2010: Conferred with the first prize of “Quality High-Quality Certificate Issued by the Mayor of Puyang City” and started to build a hi-tech park in Pudong Industrial Area;
• 2011: The Hi-Tech Park was put into full production and the Company won the third successive prize of “Celebrated Brand of Henan Province”;
• 2012: The Company was awarded as China’s IPR Advantageous Enterprise and declared more than 100 patents, and the Postdoctoral R&D Base also started operation;
• 2013: Started share-holding system restructuring, renamed as Henan Xinyu Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., listed in Tianjin Stock Exchange and won the tenth successive prize of “Outstanding Enterprise of Puyang City”.
We will stride toward the future at this pace!