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The Health Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) has been widely adopted in the international gas/oil industry since recent years. Based on the experience in industrial management accumulated by all the countries over the world, it reflects the standardized operation of the existing gas/oil industry-engaged enterprises in the metropolitan environment and highlights the scientific management philosophy that attaches importance to prevention, leadership commitment, and full participation, continuous improvement. It has already become not only a guarantee for implementing modern management, but also a permit to the international market. Based on the experience in oil exploration and development as accumulated through many years, the HSEMS has become a reflection of the integrated management philosophy.

Leadership & commitment
Policies & strategic objectives
Organization, resources and documents
Assessment & risk management
Implementation & monitoring
Auditing & review

Consistent commitment to establishing and maintaining the corporate culture that gives priority to the HSE.
Objectives of HSEMS, action principles, and reflections of enhanced HSEMS.
Organization, resources and complete HSEMS-related documents.

Determine and assess any risks with the HSE in the actions, products and service, and develop risk control measures correspondingly.

Implementation plan, including risk management procedures that are efficient in risk elimination.

Planning (involving all operations), change management, and development/update of emergency response plans.
Implementation and monitoring of activities, and necessary corrective measures.
Regular evaluation of the effectiveness and adaptability of system implementation.