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  Quality Policy: Pursuing human-oriented management, high efficiency, high quality, integrity and excellence.
  The Company will appoint qualified technicians to provide on-site technical services in order to ensure successful installation and commissioning if the equipments are included in the first lot.
  Our service teams will provide onsite comprehensive technical services and establish a technical archive within 12 months after the equipments are put into operation.
  In case of any accidents, the technicians shall arrive on the site within 24 hrs upon receipt of the notice. The production shall be restored first prior to cause analysis.
  The following services are available during the quality guarantee period:
  (1) In case of any damage other than inherent defects discovered during the quality guarantee period, the Company will dispatch professional technicians and provide free repair or replacement.
  (2) After the defective parts are repaired or replaced, the causes, rectifying measures and the results will be submitted to the competent departments of the client.
  (3) The Company will appoint special inspectors to provide regular quality inspection during the guarantee period. Any defects shall be timely eliminated.
  (4) The Company will appoint special clerks to pay regular visits and conduct quality inspection during the guarantee period, which will be reviewed by the Technology Dept. and the QC Dept. In case of any defects, a solution shall be timely developed and professionals shall be appointed to take charge of troubleshooting.
  (5) The clients are entitled to returning the products or lodging a claim against the Company should any potential defects are discovered during the guarantee period or any products, components, or outsourced parts that are nonconforming to relevant standards or the provisions of the tender are incorporated.