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Employee Development

一. Developing a scientific vocational development plan for each employee
The qualification assessment begins upon the first day when you join us. Any hinders with communication will be lifted so that the employees’ personal requirements and potential development direction as well as the Company’s available support are understood by the counterpart. A consistency between the employees and the Company will be cultivated during the development process according to their skills, interests, personality, knowledge structure, education background, willingness, etc., and personalized positioning and development planning will be accomplished based on the meeting point of the employees’ capabilities and the Company’s demands.
二. The Internal harmonious environment provides a broad space for the employees’ self-development
1. Performance evaluation mechanism: provides a scientific and accurate performance evaluation for the employees;
2. Salary allocation mechanism: provides proper motivation;
3. Training mechanism: continuously enhances the employees’ qualifications and increases their development potential;
4. Welfare: provides a comprehensive guarantee; and
5. Bonus and honors: increases the employees’ social values and stimulates a sense of honor.