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Slurry Recycling System
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The slurry recycling system mainly consists of a shale shaker, a vacuum degasser, a desander, a desilter, an integrated sand/mud cleaning machine, a liquid-gas separator, a mixer, a sand pump, a shear pump, a centrifuge, an electronic igniter, a mix funnel, a jet mixing device, a slurry tank and other drilling fluid processing devices. Besides slurry recycling in oil/water well drilling, it also enjoys wide applications in oil-gas exploration, trenchless construction, geotechnical engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, hydropower and other industries.

The slurry recycling system is characterized by the following:

1. The tank case is an aesthetic high-strength presswork of steel plates;

2. The modular design facilitates fast assembly and is thus conforming to the configuration of various types of drilling rigs with different specifications;

3. The complete slurry disposal assembly is conforming to the requirements with various complex drilling process; and

4. The slurry recycling system can be designed and configured according to the users’ requirements

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