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Workover Rigs
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Our products include the newly developed # 250, # 350, # 450, # 550, # 650 and # 750 workover rigs which, with high efficiency and stability, are particularly applicable for small-scale oilfield/gas/well operation and overhaul.

The XJ Series provide newly-developed high-efficiency and high-stability workover equipments, which are characterized by the following:

1.The transmission system features in hydraulic mechanical transmission, extended speed range and high comprehensive efficiency;
2.The running system adopts large-size wide-base tires, mechanical off-road bridges and 4X4 drive, providing high off-road performance and particularly suitable for running on asphalt/cement/muddy roads;
3.An integrated configuration combining the vehicle and the machine is adopted for loading, which satisfactorily helps to enhance the stability during running and operation;
4.A gas/liquid control system is incorporated to ensure the flexibility, stability and reliability during shifting, steering, braking and winch operation;
5.A double-joint ∏-shaped hydraulic telescopic mast equipped with a self-contained base is provided to ensure reliable structure, easy operation, and high adaptability;
6.The gearbox equipped with a mechanical turn plate (ZP100) and a dedicated platform facilitates rotary operation in forward and reverse shifts with various drill stem buckles; and
7.Overload protectors and anti- torque release devices are provided to avoid twist-off and ensure safe release of the drilling pipe after deformation.

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